I help people with young children, seniors, that have asthma, sinus issues or allergies convert their home using chemical, toxic free products. Let's talk to see how you can benefit.

Here are some of my staples from this exclusive shopping club!

This unique blend of nine ingredients that has proven health and weight loss benefits includes:


  • Sol-U-Guard - I put this disinfectant on EVERYTHING from doorknobs, cell phone, kitchen counter, entire area at work, basket when I go to the market, public restrooms.

  • Holy Thistle - This ingredient is known to detoxify the liver and it has been used in traditional medicine for a long time to treat lives issues. It contains Silymarin which
    is a powerful flavonoid that helps protect the liver.

  • Marshmallow -Helps to support the intestines, stomach and the respiratory tract.

  • Malva Leaves - It is known as a natural mild laxative that works to soothe digestive system membranes. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is also used for treating sore throats and as a natural expectorant. 

  • Chamomile - Helps to treat digestive and gastrointestinal problems.

  • Ginger - Helps with gastrointestinal issues, body aches and fortifying the immune system.

  • Papaya - Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also contains the powerful digestive enzyme papain which enhances digestive system function and rids some parasites.

  • Myrrh - Helps as treatment of irritation of the mouth and throat.

  • Blessed Thistle - It is a popular natural treatment for purifying the blood. This is also known to stimulate the appetite and treat digestive problems.



  • Promotes regularity and helps treat constipation

  • Safe for everyone including small children and seniors

  • Improves digestion and optimizes nutrient absorption

  • Reduces body fat

  • Increases energy level even for those with fibromyalgia

  • Restores mental clarity by getting rid of certain toxins in the blood

  • Helps relieve allergies and hay fever

  • Helps clean out drug residues and heavy metals from the body

  • Helps in keeping the colon, liver, kidneys and lungs healthy and clean

  • Helps detoxify chemicals from bacteria, fungi, parasites and yeast in the digestive tract

  • Removes parasites including flukes and worms from the large intestine

  • Removes toxins from the body

Lose up to 5lbs in 5 days!