Meet Coach Tanisha

Certified Personal Fit Chef 

- Finding new, easy yet tasty recipes, it doesn't have to be difficult.

- Cook with broths, spices and herbs instead of salt, oil or butter.

- Plan for their shopping experience.

- Meal Prep for the week.

Certified as a Life Coach

- I want to offer a deeper level of support and accountability for my clients.

Hello happy people! Let me share a quick story. I have struggled with my weight and my image every since I was in grade school. In my eyes I was fat and ugly. People made me believe that, well I let them. I was teased and had low self esteem which sucks & it hurts.


When I was in high school I played field hockey and we rode the bus with the football players home from practice. I needed a relaxer BAD and had on a du-rag to hide my brittle, broken off hair. Well, David was the school comedian, old Buddy Love himself, he called me Mrs. Butterworth, "Mrs. Butterworth, you're so thick and rich," I shrunk down in the seat like Fred Flintstone would get small when he was embarrassed. OMG that was the worst day of my life. Everybody was laughing, some were defending me. I just wanted to get to my stop. I didn't know about self-LOVE and motivation back then.


Late teens I discovered I was curvy and kinda cute. Health was still not a priority. I was living life and having fun. All food was good!

I started working out in 1996 and fell in LOVE with all things healthy. Although I tried every diet on the market and fluctuated in my weight, lost weight, reached my goal and gained it all back...even still, I can honestly say overall I am pretty healthy. I've been a non meat eater (Vegetarian) since October 2016 (and I don't eat eggs or drink milk individually). I want to help people GET HEALTHY and not let the scale or world dictate that a number defines that!


I became certified with Live The Lifestyle Weight Management in 2013 and invested in additional training as a Personal Fitness Chef in 2017. I LOVE to cook and create yummy masterpieces in the kitchen and can show you how too.


I have a passion to see people happy, healthy & whole. I have been commissioned to be an encourager of good health. I have a passion for educating people on proper nutrition. My goal is to equip you to successfully live a healthy lifestyle.


Some people need a gentle jumpstart to get them moving in the right direction and guide them on the right path to their healthy lifestyle journey. So now you have that option... With that, I look forward to connecting with you.


I want to see you live a blessed, happy, healthy life starting with your mind, body, spirit and in your relationships.


Partner with me, CEO of my health and promoter of yours!

Here's to a clean bill of health!


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