I promote health...

to people who want to learn how to be intentional about their nutrition

and find a healthy lifestyle suitable for their perspective journey.

The END GOAL is to eradicate illness.

Are you ready to condition yourselves to be healthy so you can HEAL.

Years ago I developed a passion for all things healthy. The goal is to

eat healthy more times than not and find balance mentally, physically

and spiritually. Once we find that balance, we're GOOD. OK, we're



Often people find a plan and say, I hope it works. Well sis, it'll work IF

you put in the work. You have to be ready and willing to do your part.

Write down your goals, pray about them, talk to your family and close

friends to set your expectations, meal plan, meal prep, intentional

shopping and follow through. Soooo, as long as you don't have any

pre-existing health issues your body should take to this new way of 

living and LOVING it and the weight should release effortlessly.

So this is how I help people. Whatever direction that's decided, I help

set you up for success! Download this free tool that will inspire you to

start your journey. Eeek...so excited for you!

Learning when to say yes, and how to say no.

- No, you do not have to skip every event and say no to girl’s night

out, but you may have to be intentional and call ahead to see how

they can accommodate your nutritional needs and you definitely want

to limit your drinks.
- No, you do not have to skip that piece of cake but you may have to

say, “Not today,” to that second slice.
- No, you don’t have to drive past every fast food place when you are not prepared BUT you have to be super selective depending on your goals.

A healthy mind leads to healthy decision, healthy decisions leads to a healthy lifestyle.

The most challenging part of living a healthier lifestyle is mentally accepting that it is possible. All the changes such as cutting back on

sugar, bread, rice, pasta, sodas, etc. can seem pretty unachievable when your mind and body has become accustomed to those

pleasures. People often wonder why smokers continue to risk their health when there’s a Surgeon General warning on the label. People

also wonder why would a drug addict experiment with substances that are know to kill them. If you said, "addiction," you are absolutely

correct. The same addiction that drug addicts and smokers have is the same addiction that you have with food. If you think this is

incorrect, when was the last time you tried to go without your favorite food or drink? Give it a try and see how hard it can be. It’s not that

 you can’t go without it, it’s that when the urges come you don’t feel like you can go without it. Changing your mindset is where we will

begin and living longer, not just for you but for your loved ones is where we will end.

No matter where you are in the process of your journey, always LOVE and celebrate yourself every step of the way! Change what you
can and be happy about that! From this day forward, please know healthy is not a size or a number, it's a lifestyle.
Here's to a clean bill of health!

I've intentionally been on a healthy lifestyle journey since 1993 and still miss the mark BUT I have learned so much. So when I say, "The struggle is real!" I know from experience, ups and downs, trial and error, weight loss and weight gain, eek. Let's talk....

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